Godzilla vs Kong: Movie Review

I have to say I am once again a believer! This new Godzilla movie was delivered for long-time Godzilla fans. This is especially true for those of who grew up watching the Showa-era movies, where 99% of the movie revolved around boring human characters engaging in a plot that makes no sense, so we can finally watch a 5-10 minute battle at the end of the movie.

Movie critic snobs will no doubt bash Godzilla vs Kong for its lack of human character arcs as they write negative reviews, donning their unkempt man buns and surrounded by their 18 cats.

But who cares? The Kaiju are the main characters and we see tons of development with Kong.

My only complaint about Godzilla vs Kong

Ok, so this isn’t really so much a complaint. It’s the soundtrack. I didn’t mind the soundtrack and the nice ‘rock’ theme fit this fast-paced movie nicely.

It’s just that I’m a Bear McReary diehard. So the 2019 (King of the Monsters) movie soundtrack was like an early Christmas for me.

In conclusion: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Diehard Kong and Godzilla fans will also enjoy this. This is what the movie format is made for: larger-than-life action.

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