Godzilla vs King Kong: Who Won?

In 1962 Godzilla and King Kong threw down in the epic film: King King vs Godzilla. So who wins? Well, throughout the bulk of their fights, Godzilla clearly has the upper hand and Kong takes the most damage. But Kong has a rally at the end and technically is the victor.

In their initial encounter, the two face off at a distance. Kong throws a couple of boulders at Godzilla. However, after Godzilla responds with his radioactive breath, Kong realizes he is outmatched and withdraws.

However, prior to their next encounter, Kong is exposed to electricity, which powers him up a bit. In his next fight with Godzilla, he is a bit more evenly matched with Godzilla, bit still takes more damage and eventually seems done for.

However, a lightning storm ensues, and Kong is hit by lightning, which revives and empowers him. The newly-powered up Kong goes-toe-to-toe with Godzilla and even appears to have an advantage in their new melee battle. Eventually, the two fall off a large cliff into the ocean. Kong emerges and begins to swim back to his island, and there is no sign of Godzilla, leaving us with the conclusion that Kong is the winner.

At this point in their movie careers, Godzilla was still a villain (this was before the genre of “cute rubber suit Godzilla that saves the earth from malevolent monsters”), and Kong was a bigger draw, so it made sense to make the Kong the winner.

Godzilla vs King Kong 2020

Apparently the two will face off again in 2020. This will be interesting because unlike their 1962 encounter, where the two were comparatively similar in terms of size, the new Godzilla is exponentially larger than the new Kong. How these two can compete on anything close to even terms is difficult to image. Furthermore, the 1962 movie depicted Godzilla as a big dumb reptile and Kong as an intelligent ape. The new rendition of Godzilla appears totally sentient, so Kong will have less if any, cognitive advantage.

Or perhaps they won’t REALLY be enemies after all, and will team up to go toe-to-toe with truly malevolent Kaijus.

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